Hands on vocational skills based learning for children aged 6 to 16.

Plumbing and Tiling

Plumbing and tiling engage the entire body in problem solving exercises.  Designed around a structure of small achievable goals, these sessions help to give children a sense of purpose, accomplishment and self belief. They learn to use real tools safely and efficiently and have fun developing specialist trade skills.


Our online permaculture courses are jam packed with fun games and hands on activities. Each student receives a physical resource box. A great opportunity to make friends and build a community.

child playing with kinetic sand

Online Courses

A mixture of live and pre-recorded courses specifically designed to maintain our core values. Each session incorporates practical elements, critical thinking skills and industry expertise with plenty of opportunities to make like minded friends.

Engineering (SEN)

Starting in 2022, we will be offering weekly inclusive engineering sessions. An innovative approach to learning practical engineering skills. Contact us to register your interest.

One to one tuition

Bespoke learning opportunities designed to spark the imagination. We integrate cross curricula hands on sessions, specific learning goals decided by parents and links to external interests.

Free Resources

  • Plumbing Fittings Wordsearch
    There are always so many items in a hardware store that even trained professionals don’t know the name of. We designed this word search as a bit of fun to introduce a few of the words related to plumbing fittings and fixtures that you and your young person may not of heard of before. ByContinue reading “Plumbing Fittings Wordsearch”
  • Trees Wordsearch
    Do you know your deciduous from your coniferous? Did you know the pando tree is dying? Have you ever stood at the foot of a baobab?