We provide inclusive, engaging, hands on vocational learning opportunities to home educated children.

A unique opportunity for children and young people aged six to sixteen to learn vocational skills ranging from plumbing and tiling to engineering.

Using a meta-cognitive approach to learning, the Home Ed Institute aims to achieve much more than just tradesman-ship. It aims to empower young people through varied experiences not available at school.  The flexible courses are designed to nurture enquiring minds, arming them with real life skills and experience in industries long thought to be inaccessible.  

The Home Ed Institute – a Plumb Learning CIC project.

A five week course teaching children aged 6 to 16 the basics of domestic plumbing. – Kinesthetic learning. Confidence building challenges. Small achievable goals. Lifelong friendships.
A hands on exploration of the foundational principles of engineering. Design thinking, problem framing and challenging theories. Experimentation within mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, management and geo-technical engineering.
1-2-1 Tuition
Inclusive sessions designed to incorporate key targets, personal interests and long term aspirations in an accessible, engaging format using hands on (trade based) vocational learning opportunities.

A unique approach to teaching tiling over four weeks. Practical learning. Personal satisfaction and pride. Transferable skills. Precision, experimentation and entertainment.
Bespoke Courses
Flexible, open ended sessions across the UK – Group bookings for 6 to 30 children – max ratio adult to student 1:8 – get in touch hayley@homeedinstitute.org
living permaculture in collaboration with the home ed institute
Two online courses jam packed with fun, games and hands on activities. Empower your young person with the knowledge of how they can have a beneficial impact on the world through the principles of earth care, people care and fair share.