5 Facts About Moss

Moss is a fascinating but often overlooked plant, not very fair given that it is (reportedly) the first plant ever to exist on earth! In celebration of our surface covering furry friend we have put together a list of five awesome facts about moss so read on and enjoy!

1. Moss was the first plant on earth. Algae adapted to life on earth, evolving into lichen, liverworts and moss.  

2. Mosses don’t have roots. They are anchored to earth, rock and trees by rhizoids which look like tiny roots. The rhizoids are a thread like structure but don’t absorb water or nutrients. 

3. Mosses don’t produce pollen, seeds or flowers. Just like mushrooms – our favourite fruiting bodies of our favourite organism. They reproduce by releasing spores. 

4. Mosses have many many uses. For centuries moss has been used for everything from pillow stuffing to wound dressing and even as nappies.  

5. Mosses collectively provide more carbon offset than all the trees in the world.  Enough said really… moss is amazing!

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Do you have an interesting fact about moss? We’d love to hear it!

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