Who We Are

The Home Ed Institute is a unique project combining the talents of extraordinary people to help create a generation of confident, resilient young people who love learning and have the life skills needed to become healthy happy adults.

We are passionate about the benefits of whole body kinaesthetic learning, the importance of small achievable goals and making vocational learning opportunities available to home educated children across the globe.

We are members of the Permaculture Association and have recently teamed up with Rachael Taylor of Living Permaculture to deliver online permaculture sessions.

We have also teamed up with Toby Needs of Toby Chairs to offer hands on carpentry sessions from 2022.

For a full list of our partners get in touch here

Our Aims

Our aim is to change the face of education and to build resilience and cohesion within the community. To create a society within which young people are valued and aspirations encouraged. To develop an internationally recognised approach to hands on learning and an appreciation of its intrinsic value through accessible vocational learning opportunities.

How We’re Achieving Them.

We deliver unique child centred vocational learning experiences in vocational subjects from plumbing and tiling to permaculture and conservation to children aged 6 to 16. We also offer one to one tuition and bespoke group courses on request. This hands on system of education is based around a series of small achievable goals which lead to the realisaton of large dreams. The young people learn to work together, talk openly, believe in their own ability and try new things confident in the knowledge that mistakes are learning opportunities and any hurdles are simply challenges to be tested and overcome.

We use a meta cognitive approach to teaching and encourage individualism, creative thinking and experimentation. We believe the uniqueness of a child makes them a good inventor, entrepreneur, explorer and friend and we are committed to encouraging their strengths whatever they are.

We should all learn botany by planting, picking and observing plants not by colouring in crude drawings of them ~ Hayley Pitfield

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