Folklore and Herbs

The second in a series of conservation based online courses from the home ed institute. Herbs and Folklore is a twelve week course delivered live via zoom using a mixture of games, craft “hands on” activities and multimedia presentations.

This course is open to children aged 8-12 across the world and runs for one hour a week for 12 weeks with the option to continue studying our conservation modules as they are released. Designed to be as close to face to face learning as possible, Students will explore twelve different herbs including Basil, Rosemary and Sage in detail. Exploring how to identify, grow , nurture and even use in cooking.

This interactive course also includes planting your own herb garden, Ancient Greeks and their relationship with Mint , Victorian Flower Language and a range of hands on creative activities including making your own sugar scrub and incense. This exciting course is the perfect cross learning experience and comes with its very own physical resource box.

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Date and time
Wednesday 10am to 11am / 1pm to 2pm / 2pm to 3pm

1 hour per week for 12 weeks

8 to 12 (flexible)

£96 (full 12 week course) including physical resource box

Payment plans available – contact

Max class size

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