Permaculture Kids: Permaculture Ethics

An exciting collaboration between the Home Ed Institute and Rachael Taylor a passionate Permaculturist, mother and founder of Living Permaculture. Permaculture Kids (Level 1) is a five week online introduction to Permaculture delivered live through the magic of the internet.

Delivered through a mixture of games, hands on activities and open discussion. Each young person enrolled on the course will receive a physical resource box and optional challenges to complete between sessions.

The course is open to children ages 8 -12 across the world 2 hours per week for 5 weeks with the option to progress onto our more in-depth 12 week permaculture course.
Designed to be as close to face to face learning as possible, students will explore the ethics of earth care, people care and a fair share for all species plus permaculture design methods and applications studying eco systems and social systems and where they can create beneficial change.

Upon graduation families will be invited to join our permaculture pod alumni online area where they can continue to develop those all important connections and build relationships.

This exciting, engaging course is the perfect cross topic learning experience. An opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around us, gain permaculture design skills and all while making friends and having fun.

Already completed this amazing course an looking for level 2? Click here


  • What is permaculture anyway?
  • Fair shares
  • Green building and garden design
  • Design process
  • Games-a-plenty
  • Caring for the earth and people
  • Soil, tree and water systems
  • Wise use of resources
  • Social permaculture
  • Practical sessions every week

Date and time
10am to 12pm
1pm to 3pm
4pm to 6pm
(UK time)
Start dates throughout the year – get in touch or check out our booking page for more info

2 hours per week for 5 weeks

8 to 12

£18.50 per session ( £92.50 total ) – limited concession spaces available.

Max class size

“My daughter attended the introduction to permaculture course and loved it. The course was a great introduction to permaculture and inspired her to learn more about permaculture concepts. It was delivered in such a way as to give the children the opportunity to think for themselves rather than being spoonfed the answers. I would highly recommend!”

It has been great to see my son interacting with others and learning while doing so. A smile on his face and mine. We’re loving the permaculture classes.

“My son age 7 completed the online permaculture 5 week course. He loved it and looked forward to the sessions every week. It was very hands on and it helped increase our awareness of earth care, people care and fair share, and how to practically implement it in everyday life. We also received a box of materials in the post to complete the hands on activities. We are looking forward to a part 2! We would definitely recommend the course to others.”

I’m a happy mummy today, feeling accomplished… 😇 my son Max (age 9) has just finished his 5 week Permaculture for Kids course, and we loved it!! Max has really suprised me with this course, getting up at 6.30am (we are in a different time zone to the UK), doing the work, the homework, putting in that little extra, ME putting in that little extra.. but we did it, he’s motivated, enthused.. it was so worth it, to see that light go on, to see him suddenly realise that what we have been talking about is actually real, that we will be putting this course into action… when that light went on he said… “so when are we going to our land? Can we get there faster?” Lol.Thank you for being awesome, all of you, all of us… thank you Rachel, for being an awesome teacher, and thank you Haley… thank you, both of you, for your vision, for your love and hard work. Thank you 💖

Rachel (the instructor) had the young people’s attention from the moment the course started. The planning and preparation for the project was very professional and organised.

All the young people got all the resources that they would need for the project delivered to their door, there was also a what’s app created for the project so that the young people could ask questions during the week if they needed too. Rachel was always there to answer the questions and give any advice, it was also used to inform the young people what they would need for the session that evening.

The young people were always disappointed that it was time to finish. The young people made a sock face and planted micro broccoli in a sock filled with soil and some googly eyes stuck on, they watch this grow as the course went on. They also tasted the broccoli and seemed to enjoy it. They also made a water filter learnt how to do a simple soil test, made their own terrarium, design their own eco-friendly house and lots of other things.

I was really impressed with how this course was run and all my preconceived ideas were proved wrong, Rachel made the course so much fun and made sure every young person understood what she was saying and didn’t overload them with big words. The time that she would take to talk to the young people even if it was not about the course Rachel always listened and showed interest in what the young person was saying. Nearly every young person asked if there was another level to the course and are going to sign up for the November course.

If I was still running a youth club I would be booking this project to run a course at the centre. I can only imagine what the course is like with face to face delivery and hope I get chance to see one run in the future.
” – Gary Fielden (Calderdale Young Carers Service)

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