Plumbing – An opportunity to learn a fun, practical, vocational skill with real world applications.

£12 – £14 per day
Minis – 6 to 9
Juniors – 9 to 12
Teens – 13 to 16
1.5hrs per week – 6 consecutive weeks.
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Designed and delivered by home educating mum of three with over 13 years experience in the construction industry, our plumbing course is structured around a series of small achievable goals.

Using a mixture of hands-on learning, team games and good old fashioned conversation, students will learn the basics of domestic plumbing including:

  • Basic health and safety.
  • The importance of responsibility and organisation.
  • Measuring, cutting and securing pipe runs.
  • How to fit a radiator.
  • How to plumb in sinks and fix leaky faucets.
  • How to use real tools safely and effectively.
  • Showers, towel rails and more…

We keep the class sizes small and take pride in getting to know our student’s personal strengths, weaknesses and brilliant quirks in order to help them blossom and enable them (and you) to feel safe and secure.

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