Get Your Teenagers Outdoors: The Benefits of Hands-On Rural Skills for Teens

Are you a parent of a home-educated teenager or a teenager who cannot access mainstream education? Are you looking for ways to help your child develop practical skills that can benefit them in the future? Well, look no further! Rural skills are a fantastic way to learn practical skills and develop an understanding of theContinue reading “Get Your Teenagers Outdoors: The Benefits of Hands-On Rural Skills for Teens”

Plumbing Health and Safety Wordsearch

Plumbing is interesting and useful but let’s take a look at some health and safety key words before we get stuck into physical activities.

Fish Wordsearch

I was surprised to see a “dory fish” looked nothing like Dory from Finding Nemo! It’s actually orange with spikey fins that make it look like it has a mohawk.

Mythology and its link to modern day injustice

Why do schools paint Medusa as a monster?  Medusa is one of Greek mythology’s most famous characters. For years throughout school, my classmates and I were taught that Perseus was a hero who killed the monstrous Medusa. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I leaned the truth of the story and Medusa quicklyContinue reading “Mythology and its link to modern day injustice”

Wild Animals Wordsearch

Is your little one closer to a wild animal than to a human some days? I like to pull out a puzzle as an alternative to screen time when dinner is five minutes away and the kids have hit peak feral.

Countries Crossword

How many countries can you find in our compelling country crossword? Complete our puzzle and then challenge your children to find them on a map, discover new cultures and design their own crossword to teach their friends and family. Send it in and we’ll feature it on our website.

Plants Wordsearch

Have you ever have a nosebleed? Did yours have white petals? Test your knowledge of plants with our fun wordsearch!