Tiling – Much more than just a trade skill.

£12 – £14 per session
Minis – 6 to 9
Juniors – 9 to 12
Teens – 13 to 16
1.5hrs per week – 3 to 6 consecutive weeks
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Did you know ceramic tiles are able to withstand the weight of more than ten elephants? Or that more than one million tiles were used to create the Domes of the Sydney Opera House and they have even been used to insulate space shuttles?

Learning to tile is so much more that it appears on the surface. From methodical planning to gross and fine motor skills, a development of patience, attention to detail and an opportunity for artistic expression. It is one of the most satisfying skills to gain.

Based on a framework of small achievable goals proven to improve self confidence, academic attainment and enjoyment of the subject, our introduction to tiling is delivered 1.5 hours per week over a four week period and covers all the basics you could need to to fall in love with this valued trade skill.

Cutting with real tools,
Dry fitting,
Choosing and applying adhesive,

They will also have an opportunity to paint their tile board considering:

Complementary colour schemes,
Different application techniques,
Basics of colour mixology.

Each child will be provided with all the skills, knowledge and equipment required to complete their own ‘wall tile installation’ and may take their completed piece of work home with them on their last session.

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